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OSCは「サイエンス」をキーワードに、本学の学術資源を対面・オンラインで世界に発信することによって、 社会課題の解決に取り組む世界中の学生、教職員、市民やビジネスをつないでいこうという挑戦です。
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Number of programs
Number of overseas participants
Origin of participants
23 countries/regions (China, Costa Rica, Finland, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the United States, Vietnam etc.)
Partcipants' level of study
High school 4.3%, Freshmen 6.0%, Sophomore 13.7%, Junior 20.2%, Senior 36.9%, Master 9.0%, PhD 4.3%
The above data is the sum/average of 2022-2024.
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The above data is the sum/average of 2022-2024.
Number of responses is 233.
What did you like most in this course?
I liked everything about the course as the week-long program provided me with an opportunity to interact with a culturally diverse group of people, meet and learn from industry lectures, as well as witness and experience the technological advancement in Japan. ...If I had to pinpoint a favorite aspect, it would be the connections and friendships formed with individuals from various nations. Even now, I am delighted to maintain communication with them through social media platforms.
Philippines, International Management of Japanese Firms and Business Innovation in Asia (2024)
This course allows us to meet new friends from other countries and also get some knowledge on Japanese culture, language and facts on development from Japanese native people.
Malaysia, Public Transport System Management in Japan and Urban Development with a Focus on Railway Networks and International Expansion (2022)
I enjoy the warm hospitality provided by the staff even through virtual. The explanation is clear and I hope more activities will be conducted in near future.
Sri Lanka, Best Practice for Regional Revitalization – Good examples of regions revived and revitalized by “airport x local tourism resources x hotel” and “attracting human resources x work vacation” (2022)
Thank you for conducting such an inspiring program that opens opportunities for students who are interested in the involved industries as well as studying abroad. From the topics, speakers, and management of this course, I greatly appreciate for all of it.
Philippines, ESG Management and Advanced Innovation from Asia (2022)
It has been a life changing experience. Everything was awesome, I felt welcome, accepted and happy all days. The baseball contents were really useful and the breathing lecture was amazing for me. I'm very grateful for it, studying and visiting Japan has been one of the best experiences of my life.
Costa Rica, Sports Sciences and Management ~Costa Rica x Japan Baseball Exchange~ (2023)
I really enjoyed this course as it gave me new perspectives on tourism revitalization and how it is important for a place's economy and growth. The course was a balance of learning, networking, experiencing and travelling.
Malaysia, A Practical Case Study of Regional Revitalization in the DX Era (2023)
Comments for future students
This program is very well put together. You get to experience a lot about the current relevant problems in Japan. The lectures are high-quality, with different perspectives from experienced persons. It is interesting indeed if you want to know more about Japan or thinking about going to Japan to do business. It is also one of the few electives that fits well with several educations, since you are asked to show ideas about exporting a product to a new market.
Netherlands, Japanese SMEs and Entrepreneurs tackling with social issues – Women are making new value –(2022)
To those students who are interested in this program, I hope you will get the privilege I had when I was chosen to represent my country in the Sakura Science Exchange program. It was a great experience that I will forever treasure in my heart and mind. Sometimes, you have to go out and see what the world can offer because there are things that you can’t just learn in the books or within the four walls of your classroom, you have to explore and experience the culture and tradition yourself.
A Practical Case Study of Regional Revitalization in the DX Era (2023), Philippines
This program is really fun and full of excitement. To those who wish to take this step forward and experience something new. Go for it.
United States, Learning the Science of Disaster Prevetion in Japan – Developments after Great East Japan Earthquake – (2023)