ESG Management and
Advanced Innovation from Asia
Program date _2022/2/28~3/2
Lecturer  /   [Prof. Yoshishiko IWADARE] ,College of Business Management
Number of participants  /  122
University  /  Universiti Teknologi Mara/Malaysia、Technological Institute of the Philippines/Philippines
Major  /  Electrical And Electronic Engineering、Business Administration、Civil Engineering、Computer Engineering、Electrical Engineering、Electronics Engineering、Mechanical Engineering、Accountancy、Chemical Engineering、Industrial Engineering、Culinary Arts

In recent years, the role of start-ups (venture companies) produced by local higher education institutions has become very important as a driver of economic growth in emerging Asian countries. Entrepreneurship based on science and technology is flourishing, attracting attention from Japanese companies and venture capitalists, and actually attracting investment.

However, what is required of companies in the future is more than just technological superiority. In recent years, the terms “sustainable investment” and “ESG investment” have come to be heard. With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement, ESG investments that address the creation of a sustainable society have become the focus of attention. In Asian countries as well, for example, in Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia (the stock exchange of Malaysia) in 2006 required listed companies to disclose their annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that return profits from their business to society. In October 2015, sustainability reporting, which includes environmental and social reporting, was introduced to replace CSR reporting. In the Philippines, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission has ordered the mandatory disclosure of ESG reports by listed companies in 2019, and various economic activities and sustainable development have become inseparable.

In this exchange program, students from Universiti Teknologi MARA, which focuses on engineering, and students from Technological Institute of the Philippines , which focuses on commerce in a single engineering college, will serve as entrepreneurs, and students from J. F. Oberlin University, which focuses on business, will serve as investors. Through these exchange activities, students from overseas universities will learn what points to emphasize when starting a business using their own technology in the future, and what significance there is in returning research results to society, while students from J. F. Oberlin University will learn about the criteria for judging value when making investments, with the aim of linking this to their future career development.






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