Public Transport System Management in Japan and Urban Development with a Focus on Railway Networks and International Expansion
Public Transportation
Program date _2022/2/7~2/10
Lecturer  /   [Dr. Hajime TOZAKI] , College of Business Management
Number of participants  /  22
University  /  Chang Jung Christian University/Taiwan、General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University/Sri Lanka
Major  /  Social science、Translation and Interpretation Studies、Sustainable Development、Economics、International Program For Sustainable Development、Economics、Aviation and Maritime Transportation Management

In Asian countries with rapid economic growth, CO2 emissions from the use of cars and motorcycles are increasing. Globally, the increase is most pronounced in China, but emissions are also on the rise in ASEAN countries, where the SDGs clearly state that CO2 emissions must be reduced, and ESG investment is gaining attention and strength worldwide. Japan’s public transportation system, especially in the Tokyo metropolitan area, is a complex mess, but each route is organically connected to each other. Moreover, urban development is being planned along the routes. In addition to the domestic market, railroads and urban development are expanding internationally to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia. At the same time, the railroad companies are taking the initiative in reducing their environmental impact further, such as through zero emissions.

Students will learn about these efforts through lectures by faculty members of the university and lectures by guests from companies. In addition, through group work and presentations, students will consider models for deployment in other countries, thereby consolidating their knowledge. Students will be invited to the Slack, an online exchange platform operated by the university from May 2020 to further promote exchanges with our students.



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