Japanese Animation & 3DCG
Digital Arts
Program date _2022/2/28〜3/2
Lecturer  /   [Prof. Hideo WATANABE] ,College of Performing and Visual Arts
Number of participants  /  10
University  /  Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Major  /  Cultural Studies
Animation and Digital Arts

Animation is an essential and important aspect of the Japanese government’s “Cool Japan Strategy,” which promotes the appeal of Japan to the rest of the world. Japanese animation has received high praise internationally, and is one of the most popular aspects of Japanese culture shared around the world.


This program provides students from Hong Kong an opportunity to learn about the new appeal of anime through lectures on the origins of anime, 3DCG, and how to draw and move character designs. Lectures will be given by Hideo Watabe, a specially appointed lecturer at the University of Tokyo, who has been a leading figure in the animation industry for many years as an animation director, director and animator. In addition, through visits to the anime museum, our university facilities, and exchange with Japanese students, we provide programs that allow participants to recall how they relate to anime in concrete terms. By participating in this program, you can expect to study anime at Japanese universities and companies, or get a job in the anime industry in the future.







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