Learning the Science of Disaster Prevetion in Japan – Developments after Great East Japan Earthquake –
Great East Japan Earthquake
Science of Disaster Prevention
Strenght of Building
Program date _2022/2/23〜2/25
Lecturer  /   [Dr. Noritaka KATATANI] ,College of Arts and Sciences
Number of participants  /  19
University  /  Tigard High School

Besides pollution and destruction,natural disaster also cause the environmental changes. As natural disaster is very frequent in Japan our consideration is focused drills. After we had a great loss during great east japan earthquake we put more efforts on the development in Science of Disaster Prevention. In this program we offer professional lecture regarding Science of Disaster Prevention, Pollution of Environment. We also tried to catch the aspect of disaster prevention from many sides throughout the group work and question and answer sessions. We also shared the practical skills incorporation with Japanese companies with students.



How to control the strenght of building
Trends of dies and missing person in by natural disaster in Japan

Voice of participants