ESG Management and Advanced Innovation from Asia
Corporate strategy
Program date _2023/2/26~2023/3/4
Lecturer  /   Prof.Yoshihiko Iwadare, Associate Professor for Academic Affairs and Admission & College of Business Management
Number of participants  /  18
University  /  "Entrepreneurship and Management Processes International, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Pulau Pinang"
Major  /  College of Engineering, Department of Business Education, International Study

In recent years, the role of startups (venture companies) produced by local institutions of higher education and other institutions has become extremely important as a driver of economic growth in emerging Asian countries. Science and technology-based entrepreneurship is flourishing, attracting attention from Japanese companies and venture capitalists, and actually attracting investment.
However, what is required of the companies of the future is not merely technological superiority. In recent years, the terms “”sustainable investment”” and “”ESG investment”” have come to be heard. With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement, ESG investments that work toward the creation of a sustainable society have been attracting attention.
Through these exchange activities, students will have an opportunity to learn from each other about venture investment and startups (entrepreneurship) from the perspective of ESG management through discussions through group work. Also students from overseas universities will learn about what they need to focus on in order to obtain investment when they start a business using their own technology in the future, and the significance of giving back to society the results of their research. The purpose of this project is to help students of J. F. Oberlin University learn about the criteria for judgment when making investments, and to help them develop their future careers.


Pick up
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  • 2/26
    Airport pick up

    Airport pick up

  • 2/27
    Travel to Meijijinku after lecture

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  • 3/1
    Having fun in Shinjuku Campus

    Having fun in Shinjuku Campus

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    Final ceremony

What I liked the most is the high-caliber and experienced lecturers. They really are well-experienced and expert on the lecture they discussed. As a student, I really learned a lot and it inspired me to put up my own ESG start-up business in my country, which is the Philippines.

Technological Institute of the Philippines


The lectures were great and apart from that the program allowed us to have time for exploring Japan which was very considerable.

Entrepreneurship and Management Processes International


It was a very great pleasure to join this program as I receive the most humble hospitality from the host, I really appreciate it very much. To more really great experiences in Japan in the future!

Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Pulau Pinang